NetWiseLLC Website design and were created for one purpose only...
to bring glory to God and His Son Jesus Christ by declaring the truth of what the Bible says about these prophetic matters.

  • We endeavor to proclaim the literal truth of God's word from the literal interpretations of the whole word of God.
  • Our desire is to see lost souls saved and searching souls exposed to the truth of the circumstances concerning the impending Rapture of the Church.
  • We believe that holy living is the only life worth living in God's sight, and that Jesus Christ is the only answer to all of life's questions, especially in these uncertain times.
  • Our intention is not to debate theological issues, nor is it an attempt to create some new system of belief. We are presenting our views on end time events.

The site is edited by Keith E. Smith and concerned associates in the evangelical community.

Project funding is by concerned individuals and is neither necessary nor solicited. Please direct your resources to support efforts proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

Until the contact page gets working, please e-mail with any comments.

Thanks for your time.