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The Aliens Caused It!

When the Rapture of the Church takes place, people will be so distraught by the destruction around them that theyíll be willing to believe anything that sounds even remotely plausible, except the truth. That's because at the heart of the matter there is Jesus Christ.

Satan has gone to great lengths to deceive spiritually ignorant mankind into believing that God is just a myth, so that when God moves in a mighty way, as when the Rapture happens, man will discount any possibility of the Christian claims presented here, and by countless other believers around the world.

Darwinian evolution has been all but eliminated as a viable alternative to the Bible's account of creation. New theories are cropping up in scientific circles, as men continue to reason without God. Some of the more popular ones at least give mental assent to the thought of a transcendent first cause, a non-committal way of saying "creator". These theories range from super-beings roaming the universe planting seeds of life wherever they wish, to some sort of cosmic experiment wherein earth is a big laboratory with humanity as so many guinea pigs for some alien race's attempt at immortality.

The list is endless, and it will not serve our purpose to try and guess which one will get the most press. They are all lies from the pit of hell. The very fact that they elevate something above the place that God has held for ages bears witness to their source... Satan himself. We are not concerned with offending in this matter... the battle lines have been clearly drawn, with the object of conquest being the hearts and souls of men and women. As mentioned in the "After the Rapture" article, the purpose of the devil is to keep people from believing God.   The entire mass of humanity remaining on earth immediately following the Rapture is going to hell on a non-stop train, unless they repent and believe, each one.

Most people have seen enough of the devil's wares on television and in the movies that they have a diminished capacity to discriminate between fantasy and reality. Keep in mind that it is mankind without spiritual discernment that is the object of these attacks. Those who had spiritual discernment disappeared, and are no longer around to provide a sense of balance to the debate. Without the Christian believers in the mix, any falsehood will be received with open minds. Add to that the judgment in which God sends a powerful delusion... men who had previously rejected God's offer of salvation will believe the fantastical lie, and thus not be able to accept the truth. This is the awful price of rejection for spurning the love of Christ.

Once again, the cause of the disappearace of millions of people is indeed the work of God, and it is the Rapture of the Church.   The entire purpose of this web site is to articulate the truths of the Bible on this matter, from a Biblical world view.   It is not likely that many that remain will hold to this paradigm, but that does not alter the facts.   Truth is truth, whether one accepts it or not.

Much more could be said in these matters. We will be content to warn the reader that any explanation of the Rapture as being the handiwork of extraterrestrials is the work of Satan, and the end result of believing such things is death. That is, eternal separation from God in hell, tormented forever. Indeed, this sounds incredibly narrow-minded and unscientific, but the alternative to the truth of God's word has never been more clear. It would be condemnation to advise such a one to just wait and see. That is not the message of the Gospel. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved.  It's entirely up to you.