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Dear Brother or Sister in Christ;

We know that there are many views concerning the timing of the Rapture of the Church. One question rises above them all. Namely, how would you share the truth of what happened with those around you, those unbelievers that remain, after the fact?

Once you are gone, the only thing they will have to draw upon are the things you have left behindÖ your testimony, your earthly possessions, the life you lived here on earth, now only a memory. Will these things point them to Jesus?

The purpose of is to equip anyone seeking the truth about this incredible event- both those that remain, as well as those seeking information before it actually happens. The word of God is held up as the standard of proof, and from the Scriptures we will share what can be known.

You are encouraged to leave a note in your Bible, or any other place it is likely to be found, explaining why you have vanished, where you have gone and what those searching for answers can do about it. Explain why you believe in Jesus, how you made Him Savior and Lord in your life, why God has spared you from the wrath to come, and how they can find Christ in their lives as well.

Here is a short synopsis of the article ìAfter the Raptureî you may copy and print for future reference.


After the Rapture- what happened and why (more at ).

Dear loved one;

If you find this note among my belongings, there is a good chance you are still looking for me, as well as looking for answers. If I have disappeared along with my Christian friends and many young children, then the Rapture of the Church has happened. Christ has come for His own, and we are all safe in Heaven with Him.

You are among those that remain on the earth for one reason- you have not believed in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, rejecting His promise of eternal life for all who will yield their lives to Him. Unless you believe in saving faith, your destiny is sealedÖ an eternity in Hell, forever separated from God, and separated from those who trusted in Him.

A fearful time of judgment lies just ahead for those that remain upon the earth. Learn all that you possibly can about the Bible, as well as Godís plan for the next seven years. But you must remember one thing- all those religious folks that remain did not understand the truth of Godís word. If they had, they too would have been taken in the Rapture. Look to the things left by those that have vanished for the real answers. Many deceivers will soon appear, leading many far away from the truth that can save your eternal soul. Receive Christ as your Savior now, before it is too late.

For discussion on the reasoning of a pre-tribulation rapture, see  .  

Why has it not happened yet?   God's ways are not our ways (Isaiah 55:8-11), and He will use all the events of this old world to accomplish His perfect plan.   The believer's responsibility is to remain faithful in all that God commands us through His holy word.