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Where are my Children?

Your children that are missing, the ones whose clothing and personal effects were found without the child in them, are in good hands. The evidence left behind is your assurance that the child was indeed taken to Heaven in the Rapture, for he was young enough to be held "not accountable" for his sin in the sight of God. Original sin is a very deep issue, one which will become clearer to you as you read the rest of the article "Explaining the Disappearances". The stark truth of the matter is, Judgment Day is on its way, but by God's mercy your children will not be exposed to the terrible wrath that has begun with this, the beginning stages of the Tribulation.


The determining factor regarding the taking or leaving of your child is known as the "Age of Accountability". As a child grows and develops emotionally, he begins to react to situations with a pattern of behavior based upon the experiences he has had up to that point in life, as well as the predisposition of his personality. Generally, he responds very much like the parent he spends most of his time with, and will reflect that parent's values in what he says and does. When it comes to spiritual matters, the training the parent exposes him to helps to shape his concept of who God is and what God is all about. The admonition in Proverbs 22:6, "train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it", presupposes a degree of spiritual maturity in the parent. If the parent has no knowledge of God's word, it's just about impossible to model the truths that lead to righteousness.

God commands us to teach our children the truth of the Bible; when we fail in that area, the child has no firm base upon which to build his life, and quickly gets caught up in the winds and waves of human endeavor, apart from any knowledge of God. As time goes on, the child comes to a point in life when he can understand that he is a sinner in need of a Savior. This message is taught in churches that believe in the authority of God's word, and sound biblical teaching will result in the child's ability to make a decision for Christ. That all important decision is the determining factor in whether a person is a Christian or not, no matter what his age. The message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a simple one, and a child can understand and respond to it.

The price of rejection.

If, however, the child hears the Gospel message of Christ, and then rejects it, God considers his degree of understanding in light of the age of accountability. The penalty for rejecting the free offer of salvation through Christ is a horrible one. Everyone not taken in the Rapture is subject to that penalty, for "the wages of sin is death" (Romans 6:23). Death is eternal separation from God. After this brief physical life has ended, the soul lives on forever. For the Christian, and the innocent "unaccountable" children, this means eternity in Heaven with Jesus. For everyone else, the final destiny is Hell (Revelation 20:15).

Accountability is the key to understanding the incredible truth of the missing children. And unborn child has no concept of sin. He couldn't do anything about it anyway. That is why all pregnancies have been terminated, with the unusual circumstance of an empty womb. Life begins at conception, and God carefully forms each human being, fashioned in His image from the moment of conception (Psalm 139:15,16). That fact is what makes abortion such an abomination in God's eyes, a direct defiance of the 6th commandment, "Thou shall not murder" . An innocent life taken from the womb is a crime worthy of death, and that is indeed what is in store for everyone that has not placed his trust in Christ.

Older children that remain will have to deal with the same issues as you... all are under the sentence of death, and everyone, young and old, will go to their graves, eternally separated from God unless they believe in Christ, confessing their sins and receiving Him as their Lord and Savior. This may come as a surprise to you, but these truths were removed from schools and society itself over the past forty years, and now the awful consequences of a nation turning its collective back on God are being felt in their full fury. Christians were willing to bear the scorn of a society that wanted to be rid of them with their moral absolutes and holy living. Society has gotten its wish. Thankfully, the children will not have to endure the punishment to be inflicted upon the rest of unrepentant humanity.

Child-like faith is all God asks of anyone who wants to be saved.   If this is your choice, see the salvation page and give your heart to Christ, right here, right now.