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Law Enforcement and Emergency Management Staff

This has got to be the most challenging event ever to face those charged with maintaining order in our society. The 24 hour missing person rule is the only reprieve anyone will get. Many roadways will be littered with accidents caused by out-of-control vehicles... vehicles without a driver. Young passengers are missing. Stranger still is the common thread of the missing drivers: a cross hanging from the mirror, a Bible in the car, a fish emblem on the back of the vehicle, and maybe even that silly bumper sticker that proclaims the warning "In case of the Rapture this vehicle will be un-manned". There just may be more truth in that statement than previously considered. Seat belts fastened with clothing arrayed as if the person just vaporized. For indeed, that is exactly what has happened.

Forensic experts would do well to examine closely the fibers of clothing in direct contact with skin, as they will likely exhibit evidence of exposure to extreme high-level electromagnetic radiation. The same principal that raised Christ from the dead in A.D. 30 is at work here in the event of the Rapture, and will likely leave the same evidence. The Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Christ, was left with an imprint of the face. It is likely that the brief exposure to the tremendous energy required to translate the physical bodies of those missing may even be the source of ignition for highly flammable materials, hence the possibility of any number of fire related incidents. (More at and )

There is also the possibility that the above mentioned will not be evident, for the "shekinah glory" of Christ could have been the source of the image on the Shroud, and if that is the case, it is not likely that  the believers will manifest that unique attribute of God.

Aside from all the possible immediate effects of all these folks vanishing, there is something far more intractable to be dealt with. The Holy Spirit of God is no longer working and moving among you as before, and unbridled evil is about to grip society as never before. While the Christians were among you, their influence was felt, and helped keep the power of wickedness in check. That element of restraint is now gone, and measures used in the past to control crime will doubtful be effective. This may take a while to manifest itself, and though you will be able to quantify the rise in crime, you'll face challenges in controlling it as never before.  Evil is an unrelenting foe.

Further proof of these claims can be found as close as your local cemetery. Go to the grave of an individual known for a godly life, one who shared the gospel of Christ and lived the Christian life, and start digging. You will find an empty casket, with clothes and articles which aren't part of the body remaining... but not trace of flesh and bone. Then dig up the grave of the town scoundrel, and compare notes. Only the believers are gone. This should put to rest the "alien abduction" theories, as well as solidify in your own minds the veracity of the claims Christians have been making all along.


What is happening here is another round of judgment from God. About 4000 years ago there was a flood. It eliminated all but 8 specimens of the human race, along with everything on the surface of the earth that wasn't in Noah's ark. The same principal of judgment is at work here, with one great difference: this is coming in stages. God wants everyone to get a handle on just why this is happening, and will take seven years to complete the judgment process. You can either accept Christ or not. The choice is entirely up to you. However, be warned... eternity is at stake, with the final destination of either heaven or hell determined by your decision here on earth. And, if we are even close to right about the things described above, then you stand informed as to the consequences of your choice.

Complex issues will arise as survivors seek death certificates for loved ones that are missing. Insurance companies will resist paying without evidence of a body, but dental records should suffice, as fillings and plates will remain. For these reasons, accident site investigations will need to consider something as diminutive as fillings to prove "death". Actually, the ones that disappeared did not die... they got translated into the spiritual body spoken of in 1 Corinthians 15. But then, no one was really expecting that, and it's not likely many will have directives in their Last Will and Testament to deal with this.

The final evidence to present is right at your side... the empty chair. Where is your God-fearing co-worker? Where are your young children? Where are your Christian friends and relatives? The evidence is overwhelming, and immediately following the Rapture there will be many who will accept Christ, just as prophesied. The only hope you have of ever seeing them again is to give your life to Jesus, just as they did before the Rapture. As you scratch your head, wondering how we knew all this in advance, you can be assured that the absolute truth of God's word can be applied to your life, right here, right now.   The choice is all yours.