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This concept of salvation in Christ may be something that you have never heard of before, nor understood to any degree. As you search for information, trying to find answers to something as incredible as the Rapture of the Church, you're bound to find this topic again and again. What does it mean to be saved? Saved from what, or from whom? What does all this talk about Jesus have to do with all this? Valid questions, all, and we will endeavor to provide answers for you to consider.

This is an information site, as the name implies... ".info". We have elected to use a more traditional approach to the presentation; you will simply have to read. One of the difficulties in communicating anything these days is overcoming people's short attention span. We are counting on the fact that the intensity of the events surrounding the Rapture will jar unbelievers out of their complacency and drive them to search for answers, no matter how long it takes. With that in mind, prepare yourself for an eye-opening journey, one which will give the reasons for all that is happening, and what choices you have available to act upon.

A Little Bit of History

Welcome to the Garden, friend. Here we have a beautiful tropical expanse, with mild sunshine and perfect conditions for life. It's called Eden, and is the dwelling place for the first man of creation, Adam. Also with him is his lovely wife, Eve. God formed them out of the dust of the earth, created in His own image, to go forth and populate the earth. God has created all things, and has placed them under the dominion of Adam. God abides with the man and his wife, walking with them in the cool of the evening. He has provided for them many good things, and has given them but one prohibition, saying not to eat of the tree in the middle of the garden, the one called "the knowledge of good and evil." The consequence for disobedience was death.

Now God had created these two, the first humans on the face of the earth, with a free will, free to make choices based on the information the had available to them. Along with the freedom of choice comes the responsibility for those choices. That concept is lost on modern man, choosing rather to blame one's circumstances for wrong behavior, refusing any self-accountability. The choice to obey is unique to humanity... the choice to follow God's commands, or to follow the world's leadings. The two are in opposition to each other, with the lines clearly drawn.

The Fall

Satan, in the form of the serpent, came and challenged Eve in the matter of obedience regarding that tree. An accusation was raised: "Did God really say you can't have that?" Her response was correct, initially, "Yes, that's what God said." Satan's retort: "You won't die if you eat that fruit; God is holding out on you, because He knows that you'll be just like Him if you eat of it." Then came the second look, and she bit into it. Adam was with her, and he ate it, too.

Innocence was lost, as their eyes were opened and they realized they were unclothed. Sewing fig leaves together, they hid from the presence of God as He came by for the evening walk. Fellowship with God had been broken as a direct result of the action of the man and woman... they disobeyed the command of the one that placed them in a perfect home and provided for all their needs. The results were banishment from that place, and death began to reign in their members. They no longer communed with God, the woman was cursed with childbirth pain and a desire to rule over the man, and the man had to deal with a cursed creation that would produce thorns and thistles all the days of his labor.

Original Sin

This is the history of original sin and the source of depravity in mankind today. God has distanced Himself from man, and the result of that disassociation is death, both physical and spiritual. The human being is, in its very essence, a spiritual being. That's what it means to be created in the image of God. We are not the products of a long line of natural selection processes. Evolution is the lie of the devil, and probably has a great deal to do with the fact that you are reading this today. To embrace evolutionary thinking is to discount the truth of God... the two are diametrically opposed. This is the reason true Christians have always opposed evolution. The inevitable consequences are now made manifest, and you must come to grips with the reality of God's word.

Original sin is a condition for which man has no cure... it cannot be dealt with on the natural level. The holiness of God's nature in man has been rejected by man, cast out as a thing not considered worthy to retain, desiring rather the right to express one's own will over that of the God that created us. The consequences began to build from that point... Adam's firstborn son Cain murdered his brother Abel out of jealousy. Cain disobeyed God's command concerning sacrifice, while Abel did what was asked. When God looked on Cain's offering with disfavor, Cain did what sinners do. Rather than obey, he killed his brother; refusing to deal with his own unrighteousness, he tried to eliminate the one who made him look bad.

Cain's plan did not work, as God banished him to the wilderness, where he became the progenitor of a line of wicked, godless men, of whom all the descendants would die in the flood. Sin had taken root, and God would deal with it drastically by destroying all but eight members of the human race.

Judgment, the First Time

The account of the great world-wide flood and Noah's ark has been discounted by man as so much mythology, something that never happened as the Bible records it. God's word is truth, however, and it did indeed happen as recorded, about 4000 years ago. A serious study of the fossil record will reveal that the earth proclaims the truth of the Bible, once the distortions of evolutionary thinking are removed. The concept is very difficult to grasp, since man has been teaching the lie of "millions of years" for so long. This evidence in itself shows the depth of man's desire to live apart from God's order of life, and has resulted in the damnation of countless souls who have rejected the truth of the Bible to believe a lie.

The sin nature in man survived the flood, and set out to build a tower that would reach to the heavens, the Tower of Babel. This godless system of governance is still alive and well even today, and is about to manifest itself to the world in a deadly deception led by the new world leader (more in that in another article). Sin continued, but God separated Abraham to be the father of the Hebrew Nation, from whom came the Messiah, the Anointed One, the Christ of God. This One, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is the atoning offering of God for the sin of the whole world. Jesus came from God the Father and offered His life as the payment for our sin, payment of a debt to a holy God, a debt which we cannot ourselves pay.

The debt of sin we owe to God can never be paid apart from the work of Christ. For that reason, any man or woman who dies without receiving Christ as Savior, the same will be consigned to a place called hell, a place reserved for the punishment of those who have willfully rejected God, and His free offer of eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ. God has made the plan very plain through His word, recorded in the Bible and proclaimed to man throughout the ages by His faithful servants known as Christians. The world has spurned, ignored, disregarded and killed these agents of truth, and has removed the Word of God from school and public life.

The Inevitable Consequence

Without hearing the Word of God, man has no possible means of salvation, and therefore no means of escaping the dreadful consequence of eternity in hell. Only by hearing and acting upon the truth found in the Bible can man escape judgment. These warnings have been denounced by man as archaic and puritanical, and the concept of absolute truth has long since been dismissed as a thing non-existent. Preconceived notions based on these views of God's authority in the affairs of man have made it nearly impossible for most people to grasp the concepts being delineated here... concepts foreign to the modern mind, yet concepts grasped and lived out by Christians even as the world dismisses them as irrelevant.

"Show me and I'll believe"... that is what the world says. The Rapture is the last evidence to be given to the world before the seven-year period of judgment begins. Now is the moment to consider the claims of the Bible, to determine for yourself if you will believe things which the world dismisses as fairy tales, if you will come face to face with your need for a Savior, and to step out in faith to receive Christ into your heart and life, right here, right now. By doing this you will learn of the peace of God which passes all understanding, and be prepared to face the certain death that awaits all those who will trust in Christ, having their citizenship in Heaven sealed by His blood.

The Love of God

Even with all the terrible judgments of God coming upon the earth, the unchanging love of God reaches out to you, not desiring that any should perish. The fact that you missed the Rapture does not exempt you from the chance to be saved, for the same Christ that saved those that disappeared will save you as well, if you will only come to Him. This kind of love is entirely foreign to the world, and is given freely to all who will turn from their wicked ways and trust Christ as Savior. The alternative is awful, and will be realized in your life in only a brief time. Time is short, and your destiny is in your own hands as never before.

Resistance is Futile

To borrow a metaphor from a popular science fiction series, we need to point out that rejecting Christ is a losing proposition, from all respects. Up till now you have led your own life only as the providential hand of Almighty God has allowed. This hand is now removed, and you are literally on your own against enemies you cannot begin to fathom. Satan and his hordes are free to have their way with mankind, and will do everything within their powers to keep you from coming to faith in Christ, and from eternal life. To die apart from Christ is to spend eternity in hell, with no opportunity to get out... it is the price of rejecting God's offer of salvation. Once there, you will have to bow the knee and acknowledge Christ's authority anyway, so you might as well do it willingly and have eternity to praise Him for His mercy and forgiveness, rather than suffer eternally in torment for your stubborn refusal to believe. These things will come to pass, just as promised in the word of God, which is transcendent, immutable truth.

The Plan of Salvation

Now that you have considered these things, the time for decision is at hand. "I will decide to follow Jesus, no matter the cost." It is a decision of the will, and a yielding of the will to God. Salvation begins with the acknowledgement before a holy God that you are a sinner. "Father, I am a sinner. I have sinned against Heaven and against you. I have rebelled against your authority and plan for my life." This is confession. Now ask for forgiveness. "I confess my sin to you, and ask you to forgive my sin. I turn from my wicked ways and acknowledge your authority in my life." This is repentance. Now confess Christ as Savior. "Father, I believe that you sent your Son, your Only Son, to die on the cross of Calvary to pay the price for my sin. I believe that you raised Him from the dead the third day, and that through His life I can have eternal life, as promised in your word." Now receive Him as your personal Savior. "I receive, right now, Jesus Christ into my heart and life as Lord and Savior, and will seek to follow Him all the days of my life. Thank you, Lord Jesus." Welcome to the family of God, brother / sister. We've been waiting for you to come home.

There are many, many passages of scripture referred to in the preceding paragraphs, which have been omitted for clarity and continuity of thought.

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